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Basic Traditional Drawing
Your average, run of the mill sketch.  Simple or no background.  Expected completion time, within 1-2 hours of first notice.
Detailed Traditional Drawing
Line quality is similar to a basic traditional, but the background will be much more complex, and smaller details will be added.  Expected completion time, within 4-6 hours of first notice.
Pimp Mah Gun
Not really a traditional person?  No problem!  Note: examples may be a little on the high end.  Expected time to complete: 6 hrs

(Note: I have not interacted with this app in a LONG time, so I don't know if I can output a whole lot of quality with this commission anymore.  You've been warned.)


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Dn'D Supercut
Warning: BIG File!

Hello, comrades!  Remember that D&D thing I talked about a few months back?  That never happened!  But instead another group of friends came together, and we created some characters for a more legitimate campaign.  Which we'll also never get to play!  But because of how involved I've gotten with all of these characters, I wanted to share them with the rest of you guys.  Normally, this is where I'd put a WHOLE bunch of flavor text, but I think most of it is in the body already.  Hope you guys enjoy!
RWBY sketches
Hello again, comrades!  Nothing super ornate or elegant this time around, just some quick doodles.  A little while ago, my little sister, general bud, and superior artist (who you may or may not know as Jay-Ruth?) convinced me to take a look at RWBY because she had a feeling I'd like it.  And guess what.  I DID.  What a shocker.  

Now normally, I have a really hard time getting into animes or anime type shows for reasons I can't quite put into words?  Granted, I really like how imaginative the worlds and cultures of a lot of animes can be, I think it's the pacing, or just how bloated the action or romance feels.  But RWBY, in my opinion, managed to hit the right notes of anime, without that feeling of just too much going on.  The art style starts out imaginative, and transitions into absolutely gorgeous, the characters are all super relate-able and don't feel one dimensional, and the environment as a whole feels super immersive.  

Now, let's talk about the piece itself.  The goal with the headshots was to try and imagine the RWBY cast more realistically.  Key word: try.  Something about the lips in these just bothers me.  Except Ruby and Weiss, I think.  Y'all are my babes.  Other three, you deserved better.  I've improved a lot, granted, but lips are probably still my greatest weakness.  The little dudes on the bottom were just some other ideas I'd wanted to draw, but that I couldn't make work full scale.  But they also took up the blank space nicely, so there's a win-win.  

Anyway, I know this isn't super impressive, comrades, but I hope y'all enjoy regardless.  As usual, let me know if there's anything else you're interested in seeing.  And since I'm adding a new interest to this profile every day, it seems, don't be afraid to suggest something I've never drawn before!  If nothing else, it could make for a pretty cool challenge.  :meow:

-Mercury Rising
Also, pay no attention to the scribbles around everybodies heads
Dungeons and Dragons Race Concepts
Hello, comrades!  I know it's been a little while!  And funny enough, I didn't really put out ANYTHING over Christmas break.  But these guys kind of sprung into existence a couple days ago, and I really wanted to share them with you.  Recently, I've had a couple of buddies starting up a role-playing idea, which I got really excited to be a part of.  Bear in mind, I don't think the game is actually D&D, but it takes some pretty serious inspiration from it.  The goal is that rather than having individual characters enter into encounters, you control entire groups of people in encounters, and have to make certain more strategic sacrifices because it.  Anyway, I was the last to put together a race, which drew its inspiration from a drawing I did based on a friend about a month ago.  But when I finished the design, I couldn't really put the idea down, so I asked one of my friends in the game if I could learn some more about his race to do some concept work for them.  When I was done with that, did I go back to the Calculus homework I was supposed to be doing?  NOPE.  I called up another friend, and said "hey, I just finished this one concept race, can I do another for you since I'm on a roll?"  His response was "well, as DM, I don't really have a race involved, but let me tell you about three races my buddies have all come up with."  To that, I responded "Welp... okay!"  So at the end of the week, I had 5 different race concepts drawn out, and I'm really proud of these guys.  But, in typical Mercury Rising fashion, I'm gonna save that for the end.  Until then, here's more about each of these guys, since I can't stop talking about them.  There's a little footnote that says despite any sort of names, all these races start out as basic humans.  Furthermore, these guys are given names in the language of the Zorr'api; in the drawing that's the Elfish looking letters, in the descriptions, that's transcribed in the parentheses and italics.

-Snow Elves (Kolpa'stroa, generally, or Ik'ra'ano as a sign of respect): The Snow Elves belong to the only person in this group I really know personally, Kevin M.  This race is inspired by Norse clothing, with Siberian design elements.  The Snow Elves (again, human at the moment) hold dragons in high reverence in their culture, and wear them a lot in fashion elements.  High ranking Snow Elves even get the privilege of wearing dragon bones in their clothing, although these bones are old and scavenged, and have lost any power they might have once had.  The goal of the Snow Elves is to tame dragons for their own uses, but currently they're not powerful enough to do this.  

-Sand Runners (Zorr'api): That's me!  Let's go!  Sand Runners take most of their influence from Inca fashion, but take the flowy bits from Middle-Eastern/Bedouin culture, and some small undertones from Burning Man fashion (when that fashion doesn't involve being nude I am a dummy! )  The Zorr'api are a nomadic people with a fixation on religious relics and old magic.  The gloves that they always wear are patterned after ancient magic channeling tools from their homeland.  Most of the Zorr'api are Bards, Clerics, Mages, but what this boils down to is that the people are essentially sand hippies.  Again, this drew pretty intensely from Burning Man.  The fashion of these people draws from a need to be lightweight, and quick on their feet, but also guarded from harsh winds.  The traditional gladiator sandals of the Zorr'api play an important part in this, and are passed down through generations as heirlooms. 

-Berserkers (Usur'kan):  Fun note, this family considers themselves the Boar People; in the same way that the Snow Elves fixate on dragons, Usur'kan fixate a lot on boars.  But the Zorr'api don't have a word for boar, and have mistranslated this as "Bear People".  Whether this was just a translation issue or a covert comment on their massive size will always be a mystery.  These folks were brought about by a friend of the DM's named Steven (Stephen?), and have the most backstory of the races that aren't mine.  The Boar People are forest dwellers with a goal of taming all the animals in their forest, and eliminating physical weakness from their race.  Their fashion is inspired by a mix of Greek/Spartan and Celtic, which are surprisingly similar, in that they're both very drapey!  But Berserker fashion has to be shorter so that it doesn't catch on all the leaf litter on the ground.  And again, like the Spartans, men and women are in very equal standings.  But the men are so busy contending for physical prowess, that women are left to lead the society.  

-Fisher Folk (Oakyu): This race, created by the DM's brother Barrett, was described as primarily northern in fashion, and also "very pale", which would point towards a Norse influence.  But everyone in the roster is already a little bit Norse, as is maybe every fantasy race ever.  So to spice things up I added a lot of Polynesian into the style as well, as both the Vikings and Polynesians are very famous sailing races.  The Fisher Folk, as said on the tin, live their lives out at sea.  Eventually, they have the goal of learning to breath underwater, in order to conquer both the surface and the depths of the ocean.  Their clothing is very light, in order to facilitate swimming, but the Sea Folk also wear heavy, highly ornamental cloaks and large brimmed hats to keep wind and water away during storms.  The traditional Oakyu mark is a trident over a net pattern.  

-Pirates ("Even though I f***ing hate pirates" - DM) (Plyar):  These guys, belonging to a mutual friend named Brett, actually didn't wind up making it into the final game due to some sort of complication, but I was already halfway through the design when I got the news, so I left the concept in.  Much to my surprise, Pirates really don't have a whole lot of variety on the fantasy scene.  I debated using some Somali fashion as an influence, since that's where piracy has been most common lately, but I thought I'd stick with standard Victorian pirate, with a few fantasy and cowboy touches here and there.  Now, most pirates are missing limbs here and there, but the Plyar were deliberately designed with a lot of physical scarring.  Because DM didn't like the idea of pirates in his world, it made sense that they'd be worse for wear because of his bias.  Plyar prosthetics can be anything from a simple peg leg to pure, concentrated magical energy.  But also, in the nature of pirates, it made sense that they'd compensate for having all these physical flaws by having the most killer fashion sense on the high seas.  A lot of their gear would probably be stolen from other races; on this specific guy, you can see a Snow Elf knife, and Oakyu and Zorr'api marks.  

Okay, flavor text done!  Now I can talk about why I actually like the piece!  First of all, this gave me an AMAZING chance to practice literally everything about people (except apparently hands, lol).  I got to really hone in on both unique outfits and on faces that weren't generic white-people faces.  Everything about these characters just continued to build on itself for me, I'd get a little snippet of information, sketch it out onto a napkin, and then have that inspire something completely different later on.  And they weren't completely independent either, all these guys, the Zorr'api especially, took lots of touches from older drawings, influenced each other a lot, and even now I can't stop seeing them in future projects.  Overall, this was just such a fun piece to pour way too much time into.  And overall, 2017 has already been an awesome year for me artistically!  I look forward to putting out more content for you guys, even if it's a little different from what y'all usually expect.

-Mercury Rising
Dredgen Yor
-Nothing dies like hope.  I cherish it.
-You're a monster
-Finally, you see the truth.

Dredgen Yor, conversing with his Ghost.


That's right, I'm not dead, everyone (shh, I know I say that every time)!  And I've finally been able to get this out to you guys just like I promised I would ages ago, an interpretation of Dredgen Yor's armor based on his backstory (although he could very well be quite a bit older than most of these pieces of armor).  For those of you who care, here's the rundown of the gear.

-Mask of the Third Man: Now this one was a little controversial because people pointed out "well, if the exotic lore behind the helmet points to someone else, then you're in kind of a pickle now, ain't ya?" but I thought it would be worthwhile one because I took the same risk with Toland and the Ram, and two because the MotTM seems like such an excellent fit for Dredgen; it combines the hive corruption and 'don't blame me, blame the darkness' attitude that encompassed so much of his personality.

-Dogged Gage: Like with Toland, it made sense to use Hive armor because Dredgen and the Hive were so closely affiliated.  Dogged Gage also has flavor text which reads "one doesn't need sleeves to keep knives up them".  Ooh, sinister.

-AOS#Cryptid: An early Crucible chestplate.  And, since Yor's worst villany spread through the Crucible, another reasonable addition.  I added some tally marks to represent the minimum known number of kills to Dredgen's name.

-Fear Eater: These are a POE reward, and I'm pretty sure designed to have a Fallen type look to them.  But again, the flavor text speaks of psychological warfare, which was 50% of Dredgen Yor's personality.  Even his Crucible followers used the same kind of tactics.  

-And of course, the Cloak of Dredgen Yor.

Now, people have pointed out that Yor might not have even been a hunter.  There's a Warlock on his Grimoire Card.  Rezyl Azzir, the first Titan, had a chance encounter with the same Hive Wizard tied to Thorn.  But I think MotTM and the Cloak are enough to tie him to the Hunter class for now.  Now, I know this piece took a long time, like I said, the pose was a bear.  I almost had a complete version of this done close to a month ago, but one of his hands came out looking completely terrible, so I had to start from scratch.  In addition, my classes are only getting more time consuming, and I'm having to fight for my life just to get decent grades.  But thankfully, Thanksgiving break gave me just enough time to put the necessary finishing touches on the drawing, so you guys can finally have your cake and eat it too!  As always, let me know what you guys want to see!  I'm excited to hopefully be able to pump out some more original content in the near future.

-Mercury Rising
Guardians Discuss their Armor
Hello again, comrades!  Look at that, more Destiny trash.  This is a little goofier than most of my Destiny what-not, but I figured this would be a fun way to get to know some of the other characters besides Alistair a little better, especially the Titan, as she really hasn't been introduced yet and I'm super happy with her.  On top of that, here's a lore dive, let's go!

First of all, we have Skip-8.  Now, I don't really know a whole lot about this guy, except that he's the oldest of our three characters by a pretty substantial gap, both in the game and canonically.  I based a lot of his personality off of the way my brother plays the game, as the Hunter is primarily his character.  This is where I get Skip's impatient, and kind of lackadaisical personality.  I think of him as a lot like Cayde-6, but forgetful in the way that Banshee-44 can be and not nearly as cool.  If he bothered to aim properly, that might net him some more cool points.  In the Crucible, Skip has never been very competitive, always emphasizing having fun over winning.  Sometimes he likes to toss things up in matches by doing challenges and tricks such as only shooting left handed, or walking backwards from objective to objective.  By default, Skip goes through PVE as a Gunslinger, but since none of his exotics are really optimized for the class, he's been using a lot of Bladedancer lately.   But he has yet to find the perfect fit for either class.  Skip is part of the Future War Cult primarily because there was no way he'd be in New Monarchy with Alistair, and something about the Dead Orbit vendor just didn't seem right to him.  But it also wouldn't surprise me if he sometimes flirts ridiculously with their leader, Lakshmi-2.

Secondly, is our new lil' Titan baby Silas.  You may remember her from the last drawing I did.  The titan we made recently turned out to have just enough in common with Silas for a connection to made, especially since I'm pretty sure she was taken by Fallen in the dream.  And because of this, her backstory is pretty much the same.  I am a dummy!  Silas was an ordinary human attending school when the Fallen first became prominent on Earth, taken captive, killed by paranoid headmasters.  But lucky for new Silas, a Ghost found her a couple hundred years later, and she went on to become a Guardian.  I imagine that she's actually at least a couple years younger than the Guardian played in the base game, with regards to resurrection time.  Her Ghost couldn't do anything to restore her throat, so Silas is mute.  She and her Ghost have instead figured out a way to output a voice that Silas likes to make people think is hers when it's not convenient to use sign language.  For the most part, Skip prefers to speak to her directly, as he feels that to do otherwise would render her less of an equal, while Alistair makes very brief, but ultimately futile attempts to learn sign language.  She hasn't really had the chance to master either Striker or Defender yet, but after aquiring a nifty set of No Backup Plans from Xur, she's been grinding out the Defender class a lot more.  She chose to work with Dead Orbit primarily because the other two notable factions had spots occupied by her friends, but she's also come to love the group for their scientific breakthroughs.  

Finally is the Warlock, Alistair Ukar.  You guys probably know quite a bit about Alistair already, as most of my recent work is from his perspective.  Eventually, Alistair will become the gunsmith behind the Derelict Hand, along with other pieces of weaponry which focus on keeping Guardians out of danger.  This work was inspired by an inherent coward's streak in Alistair, or at least a particular lack of the recklessness that most Guardians thrive on.  Canonically, it's this reason that he has yet to make it onto Oryx's dreadnought.  But before he was ever an engineer of light, Alistair was always a bit of a grump, and spends most of his time either reading up on lore and combat technique, or going through some form of existential crisis.  But Alistair is also the biggest Crucible buff of the 3, and is the only one to get very frustrated by the state of the meta and such.  Alistair used to never dream of touching the Sunsinger class because of how viral it had become in the Crucible at one point, but now it's his go-to, as he always gets a small kick out of being the support player in a match.  Alistair was the first of the three to land a spot in a faction, getting into New Monarchy as soon as he was highly ranked enough.  He entered into New Monarchy because he was intrigued by the organization's ties to an older time, but lately has been debating a switch to Dead Orbit.

Now, I doubt you guys are going to read the whole block of text, and that's cool, but I hope you enjoy the little look into each class, and into our personal characters!  Mostly I wanted a chance to build on Silas, and I'm super glad to see her turn out well in this piece.  But it also occured to me that I'd never drawn Skip-8 without his gear before, or really any Exo, and it seemed like an interesting challenge.  And once I'd hit that point, I basically had to include the Warlock.  Sweating a little...  Also, I know I still owe you guys a look for Dredgen Yor, but I've had a difficult time finding time to put a lot of effort into a drawing, especially with my academics ramping up, not to mention that some lore-seekers aren't even sure what his class is anymore.  But as soon as I've got a pose I'm really satisfied with, I'll do my best to get him out to you.  

Do enjoy, comrades!
-Mercury Rising


Mercury Rising
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey guys! I'm the artist of the page! My sis Matthias set this page up to favorite stuff, but after a while, she sort of just let me take over. Anywho, thanks for showing up, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

-Mercury Rising
Hello, comrades!

I apologize for the general lack of activity on the feed.  As you guys all know.  Finals.  But those are drawing to a close pretty soon, and I have something I've been wanting to try over the summer, but I wanted to run it by you and see if it sounded appealing.  

I've always been a huge fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, and the variety of personalities that arise from it.  I've seen people dabble with the idea of post-apocalyptic YouTubers, but usually it's just a one-shot drawing.  I want to take this a step further, and watch the world kind of evolve in the shoes of one of these YouTube personalities, as they balance their old gaming careers with a society slowly going crazy.  Of course, I'd probably want to make up said YouTube personality, because 1.  It'd be less stalkerish, and 2.  I feel like it'd be a little easier to connect with than a pre-existing personality written through the lens of me.

Now, I've heard people say this idea might be kind of cliche, so I want to be sure it's a good idea before I put it out there.  What do you guys think?  I want this project to be as amazing as possible, so if you have any suggestions or recommendations to improve the universe, I would LOVE to hear them.  

Thanks a million, comrades!
-Mercury Rising
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