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Basic Traditional Drawing
The Start of a Rocky Relationship by SVETAM
You Win Some, You Lose Your Babysitter's License. by SVETAM
Puppy Love (Commission for ScootalooCuteness) by SVETAM
Your average, run of the mill sketch.  Simple or no background.  Expected completion time, within 1-2 hours of first notice.
Detailed Traditional Drawing
Sangheili Spec-Ops by SVETAM
Relaxing Moments at the Castle by SVETAM
Summer Fun! (Rainbow's Swimsuit's Undone?) by SVETAM
Line quality is similar to a basic traditional, but the background will be much more complex, and smaller details will be added.  Expected completion time, within 4-6 hours of first notice.
Pimp Mah Gun
Enhanced M4 Lower Reciever by SVETAM
Nopony's Type-51 Plasma Repeater by SVETAM
Rarity's M107 by SVETAM
Not really a traditional person?  No problem!  Note: examples may be a little on the high end.  Expected time to complete: 6 hrs




Bae-g Macintosh (Commission for Jay-Ruth) by SVETAM
Bae-g Macintosh (Commission for Jay-Ruth)
Hello again.  :meow:  That was quick.  But lookie here, a commission!  

This piece was requested by Jay-Ruth, who's a really good pal of mine.  That, and we're related, but whatever.  Anyway, the requirement for this piece was "A picture of Chamomile", obviously the OC on the bottom.  But you know me, I always have to add a little something extra.  Now, contrary to what you might be thinking, this isn't just some crack pairing.  But that might be cool.  Jay's actually got this super cute horse we've named Big Macintosh, because he's large, slow, and a little bit red.  And I kid you not, this is exactly the sort of thing they both do.  So yeah.  Inside joke.  Fun.  

Remember, comrades,  if you want a piece that looks along these lines, then you're in luck!  Just send me a commission note with my page thingy, and so long as it's not immoral, or unfeasible, I'll probably jump right on it.  Grab 'em while they're hot!  Have I mentioned it's not even a buck for one of these puppies?  Because it isn't.  So please.  Money is nice.

Thanks again!
-Mercury Rising 

PS:  Good gravy, that title is awful
PPS:  Jay-Ruth, I'm sorry about the porcupine hair.  I tried.  I honestly did. 
Sweater Weather by SVETAM
Sweater Weather
Hello again, comrades!  I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been in a bit of a gift art mood lately.  This time I'm drawing something for Zedrin.  I don't really know him personally, but I love the style that he uses in his art, especially the anatomy and pastel coloring.  So, I jumped on the Pivot bandwagon.  Granted, it's a little different from the way she usually looks.  I hope you guys don't mind.  Sweating a little...    I'll upload some original content soon!

Thanks again, comrades,
-Mercury Rising
Strike 3 by SVETAM
Strike 3
Hello again, comrades.  I apologize for not uploading any really new content, but school's been bogging me down pretty hard.  That, and I waste all day on Tumblr, but we don't need to talk about that.  Anyway, I bring you new stuff!  This actually isn't one of my characters, perhaps you've noticed by the snazzy attire.  This is Ace, an original character of valued patron and all around awesome person scootaloocuteness.  If you're not familiar with her, you should check her out, she's way better than I am. That being said, I hope you enjoy!  :meow:

-Mercury Rising
Fire Mage by SVETAM
Fire Mage
Hey guys!  Long time no see!  I know I've been painfully obnoxious about not posting anything, and especially about not posting anything good.  I apologize for that.  I had a long span of time where my motivation was pretty minimal, but I think I'm making some progress there, so yay!  Anyway, this is something that has been sitting in my for a while now.  You guys may remember Quill from a couple of comics I've posted here.  I've finally gotten a drawing of him put up again, this time in glorious color, and, you guessed it, level 37 Fire Mage armor.  Unfortunately, I don't expect I'll be able to do stuff like this regularly, as the digital medium is still really hard for me.  For now, I'm sticking to traditional.  However, with luck I'll be able to incorporate more color.  Or at least some shading and junk.  Until then, I hope you enjoy, comrades!

-Mercury Rising


Mercury Rising / Matthias
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey guys! I'm the artist of the page! My sis Matthias set this page up to favorite stuff, but after a while, she sort of just let me take over. Anywho, thanks for showing up, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

-Mercury Rising
Hello, once again comrades!  Mercury Rising here!

If you guys have been following my art recently, you may have heard that I just put out my first commission recently, which turned out to be a HUGE success!  I first off, want to thank everyone who showed their appreciation on this effort, scootaloocuteness especially!  Secondly, I want to let the rest of you all know I'm still wide open for commissions if anyone's interested.  Guns, ponies, armor, you name it; so long as it's not immoral or unfeasible, I'll be sure to take a look into it!  

Get 'em while they're hot!
-Mercury Rising

Postscript: Project Dawn is still underway, but somewhat delayed due to laziness setting in.
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