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Basic Traditional Drawing
The Start of a Rocky Relationship by SVETAM
You Win Some, You Lose Your Babysitter's License. by SVETAM
Puppy Love (Commission for ScootalooCuteness) by SVETAM
Your average, run of the mill sketch.  Simple or no background.  Expected completion time, within 1-2 hours of first notice.
Detailed Traditional Drawing
Sangheili Spec-Ops by SVETAM
Relaxing Moments at the Castle by SVETAM
Summer Fun! (Rainbow's Swimsuit's Undone?) by SVETAM
Line quality is similar to a basic traditional, but the background will be much more complex, and smaller details will be added.  Expected completion time, within 4-6 hours of first notice.
Pimp Mah Gun
Enhanced M4 Lower Reciever by SVETAM
Nopony's Type-51 Plasma Repeater by SVETAM
Rarity's M107 by SVETAM
Not really a traditional person?  No problem!  Note: examples may be a little on the high end.  Expected time to complete: 6 hrs




Spectre: Thoughts from a Warlock by SVETAM
Spectre: Thoughts from a Warlock
Surprise, comrades!  I give you Destiny content!  And good heavens, is Destiny's armor a pain in the butt.  I thought MJOLNIR GEN2 was bad, but as far as difficulty, Guardians give Spartans a run for their money.  

Now, I'm sure none of you expected me to be putting out Destiny content.  I didn't really expect it either.  But recently I've been watching Sir Wallen's "Thoughts from a Warlock" series ( ), and I found something about it to be incredibly inspiring.  It's perfect for getting into the mood for writing, or drawing, or even just enjoying a quick story.  So, to pay a little tribute, I decided to draw the titular, unnamed character, on his quest to restore his light, and his glory.  Personally, I'm super proud of the way this turned out, but at the same time, I really wish I could have done more with the background.  It seems a bit sparse.  

I hope you enjoy, comrades!  Feel welcome to leave feedback, make a request, or basically do whatever you like.

-Mercury Rising
(PS:  The word Destiny starts to look really weird if you stare at it too long)
Zeus Concept Art by SVETAM
Zeus Concept Art
Hello again, comrades!  Just a quick doodle for you guys while I'm on Christmas Break.  Most of my break has gone into work on this Halo fanfiction I'm in the middle of, which as of now is nearly a year and a half old.  One of the protagonists was intended to wear Zeus armor, but as Zeus is becoming increasingly less akin to Halo's MJOLNIR, GEN2 especially, I made some tweaks to the design so it would fit into the universe better, combining the current Zeus with helmets from Reach and 4 to get a final product.  Also, have some bonus helmets for cool factor.  

Now, I'm way more impressed with this than I expected I'd be, so this may become part of the styling of the next version.  Stay tuned for that, maybe?

Hope ya'll enjoy,
-Mercury Rising
Zeus Evolution by SVETAM
Zeus Evolution
Hello, comrades!  Big news on the development center!  Also, HUGE file, but downloading will make all the little development notes much easier to read.  

Now, the last Zeus I gave you guys was version 2.4 (that came out in like September, right?), and obviously a lot has gone down since then.  2.6 was the current version, and that came about last May.  But thanks to some new information about something I heard called "The 2030 Initiative", I'm gonna have to develop a new one all over again.  2.7, probably.  But I figured since that was coming up, I'd give you everything I had up to that point.

Now, you may notice the weird gradient going on, I've figured out that's something up with the scanner I'm using.  And that's probably what kept "To All of You" from looking as pretty as I'd hoped.  I'll try to find a solution, comrades, but until then I hope this isn't too gross looking.

Do enjoy, comrades!
-- Mercury Rising
To All of You by SVETAM
To All of You
Welp, that promise didn't quite work out like I'd planned.  But hey, I have new art for you guys!  If you didn't guess, this is fan art from Don'tNod's masterpiece "Life is Strange", which I have absolutely fallen in love with.  The art is so cute, but the story just rips your heart out, and the characters are all complex and believable (well, dialogue is a little weird sometimes, but still.)  Anyway, I drew fan art for that thing!  And personally, I really like it.  :meow:  This is probably the most complex background and pose that I've done in a long time.  Then again, I really haven't been able to draw as much as I'd like lately.  Art block, don'cha'know.  But hopefully I'll be able to get some more art out to you guys again soon!  No promises, but this seems like the kind of piece I'd really enjoy coloring.  

Hope you enjoy!
-- Mercury Rising

PS:  Still kinda irritated with the white balance on this one.  Oh well.
Ancient Inventions Re-imagined by SVETAM
Ancient Inventions Re-imagined
Oh, so apparently this was on the list of things to upload until I forgot about it.  The original designs for these are all crazy old.  Like, all of these came from drawings I created between the ages of 7-10.  Back in the day, I called it the R.A.C.D., short for Radar and Cockpit Destroyer.  And just in case it needs to be clarified, these aren't any kind of fan art, or parody, but entirely of little me's imagination.  But of course, it's a lot of fun to revisit old concepts, especially really old art, whether it's to see how far you've come, to look at what's changed, or just to laugh at what you used to do.  So without further ado, here's my second grade magnum opus, 10 years later.

Hope you like it!
-Mercury Rising


Mercury Rising / Matthias
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey guys! I'm the artist of the page! My sis Matthias set this page up to favorite stuff, but after a while, she sort of just let me take over. Anywho, thanks for showing up, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

-Mercury Rising
Hello again, everyone!  This is just to let you know that I am not dead after all!  I've been on a very long hiatus, thanks in part to a lack of motivation, as well as the crushing demands of college.  But I'm back, at least for a little while!  I'm going to upload some slightly older armor content, but if there's anything you want to see, give me your ideas!  I'm willing to try pretty much anything at this point, so fire away if you wish.  Consider it the chance to get your OC drawn for free!  Or to have that OTP of yours set in stone!  The possibilities are endless!  :meow:  Until then, I'll try to get better at delivering you guys quality content.  

Good to be back!
-Mercury Rising
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